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eidrien Sep 6, 2006   Writer
dood, yeah, you might have heard this a tousand times...... or not, but

1)you rock beacause of #2
2)you lucky bastard, and you know it
3)nice pawnage on the !yourjudgement comment

j3di Aug 11, 2006   Interface Designer
Thank you, darling. :D
you two are a good example of why its better to seperate real life and internet. though its your own fault for not doing so, i wish you luck that all those sick minded people at 4chan may stop stalking you.
yourjudgement Apr 13, 2006
I see [link] is still on your back. Is this because everybody has seen that you posted pictures of your girlfriend, including those in sexual poses onto the internet without her consent? Are they outraged that you're an attention seeker?

Oh, did nobody on here know? Shall we inform them?

Ladies and Gents, little Nick here posted such things then when pushed lied on his blog that she killed herself. What kind of SCUM is he that he has to do that? Posting pictures of his girlfriend over the net and she knew NOTHING! Dear old Rabbit-chan as they've called her is recoiling from an invasion on her live journal. As for you Nick...

To do something like that is SICK, RETARDING and just plain STUPID.

You deserve her to dump your ass you child then face the reprocussions that /b/ is bringing.
Haha, oh wow. It's amazing how little you know about what you're saying.

1) I didn't post them.
2) Sexual poses? What the crap are you talking about?
3) The cracky-chan copypasta is well-known. Sorry you didn't get the reference.
4) Retarding isn't a word.
5) /b/ has been done with it forever.
6) Enjoy your ban.
7) I'm simultaneously horrified and amused that you really have nothing else to do but follow me around on the internet from place to place posting defamatory and downright false comments about my personal life. GJ.
Quasa Dec 6, 2005   Filmographer
thanks for the :+fav: on "mangue"!
Hey, I like your photographs, they're unique and they stick out pretty well. Keep up the good work my friend!
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